Sunday, December 14, 2008

1991 Upper Deck Box Break - Part 2

Before I post images from the second half of my box of 1991 Upper Deck, I thought I'd share a few observations. First, I have to say I'm incredibly happy with this box. Short of pulling the Nolan Ryan autographed Heroes card, I think I pulled every big card from this set in this one box. The collation for the cards was superb. Out of 540 cards there were only 22 doubles in the box. When put together with the cards I had collected when I was younger, I'm only missing 166 cards out of a set of 700. The collation on the 3D team holograms on the other hand was atrocious. Out of 32 packs, I only pulled five different teams. I have 6 or 7 duplicates of the Cardinals, Cubs, Brewers, A's and Red Sox (at least my team was in this box).

The most interesting thing about this box to me was the "Random-Sequencing" that the box proclaims. In my mind, it was anything but random and it makes me suspicious that people who bought multiple boxes ended up with piles of duplicates. There were 4 stacks of packs in the box. I opened one whole stack at a time. The cards in each stack were random within each pack, but there was a definite pattern from pack to pack in each stack. For example. here's the number sequencing for the first three packs in a stack:

Pack #1 - 453, 425, 347, 559, 502, 129, 182, holo, 249, 299, 693, 646, 41, 64, 326
Pack #2 - 454, 426, 348, 398, 560, 503, 130, 183, holo, 250, 300, 694, 647, 42, 65, 327

Pack #3 - 455, 427, 349, 399, 561, 504, 131, 184, holo, 201, 251, 695, 648, 43, 66, 328

See the pattern? This repeated through the whole box. And each stack was sequentially tied to the others. It doesn't take a genius to see that if you ended up with two boxes that followed an even remotely similar sequencing you'd end up with a huge stack of doubles.

Anyways, enough rambling, onto a sampling of cards from the second half of the box.

Let's start with a pair of opposites. A guy in Mussina who fulfilled the expectations of a "Top Prospect" and a guy in Zeile who failed to live up to even a fraction of his hype.

Here's a pair of guys who had better secondary careers than they did as baseball players. Sanders was a much better football player than he was a baseball player, and Farrell is a much better pitching coach than he was a pitcher.

It's Red Sox madness!

Speaking of madness... Jose lind has some serious spring in his step. And is anyone else scared of Saberhagen after seeing this photo... like serial killer scared?

How about some more stunning Upper Deck photography?

How about some 1990's fashion trends... Alex Cole's goggles always bugged me. And I just love the Upper Deck self advertising.

I had to post Gladden for my sister-in-law... she has a mullet fetish. And Incaviglia... well, I can't think of anything witty to say about him right now.

And finally, how about some players with funny names. There's something ironically funny about a pitcher whose last name is Plunk. I wonder if Mr. Klink is related to Colonel Klink (Hogan!!!!)?

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