Friday, December 12, 2008

Red Sox Unveil new Unis & Logo

The Red Sox have announced some new uniform and logo designs.

These will be the new primary Road uniforms and are an updated version of the road uniforms from the early 1980's. In the background (and on the sleeve of the uniform) is the new logo for the team, referred to as the "hanging sox". This replaces the circular logo with a small version of the hanging sox in the middle:

The team also announced new secondary home and road uniforms which will be worn with an alternate hat featuring the new hanging sox logo instead of the "B".

My opinion - I like the new unis, both primary and secondary. The primary (gray) have a classic retro/modern look to them that I find appealing. I'm not sure how I feel about the hanging sox logo on the hat and am glad that it will only be worn with the alternate uniforms. To me replacing the "B" logo on the hat would be sacreligious.

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Dave said...

The Red Sox didn't need to do this, but there ARE a few teams that really need to.

1. Blue Jays (turn of the 1990's style would do it for me)
2. Padres (I really don't understand their current "P" logo or lettering...why, why, why?)
3. White Sox (the red Jerseys...OMG..and the white jerseys with a thick blue stripe)
4. Astros (rainbow jerseys, toned down a bit, would be awesome)

Cardboard Addiction said...

I like the new road uni's, but the alternate Blue reminds me too much of Batting practice or Spring Training. The new hanging Sox cap straight up sucks! You just don't change the caps. I'd rather see the 70's Red cap with Blue rim.