Friday, January 9, 2009

Smoltz, Baldelli and Kotsay... Oh My!

After a relatively quiet offseason, the Red Sox have announced a flurry of signings. While none of these are a big splash signing on the level of CC Sabathia or Mark Texiera, I think all three are good solid additions that will make the Red Sox a better team.

Baldelli and Kotsay are bench players with starting lineup ability, something the Red Sox have lacked of late. Kotsay proved how valuable he was in the playoffs last year, with the ability to play both the outfield as well as fill in at first base allowing flexibility at the corners with Lowell (coming off of surgery) and Youkilis.

As for Smoltz, how can you not like signing a guy like this. While ordinarilly I would worry about a career NL pitcher coming over to the AL and seeing a jump in their ERA (like Brad Penny), I don't have this concern with Smoltz. The NL east is about as strong a division as their is in baseball and he routinely had to face guys like Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Carlos Delgado, and the 30-HR infield the Marlins sported last year. I don't see the switch to the AL affecting Smoltz as much as it might others.
Now if they could just get someone to catch all of these pitchers (other than Josh Bard)...


Anonymous said...

The Smoltz is AWESOME! I'm disappointed that he left Atlanta (I'm not a Braves fan, I just like to see career loyalty once in a while), but you made a great card for him there!

Dave said...


These are fantastic looking cards. I love this tradition you've got going.

Also I saw the shoutout you gave to me a few posts ago. Thank you very much. I appreciate the nice words.

Who is your favorite all-time Sox player? Is it Mike Greenwell or am I just imagining this?

Also something you wrote struck me as funny, at least as a passive Royals fan:

"Baldelli and Kotsay are bench players with starting lineup ability, something the Red Sox have lacked of late."

Heh...the Royals have many of the opposite -- starting lineup players with bench ability. Not that I blame you for writing what you did. You have a world class front office that knows what it's doing!

Dave said...

Can I tempt you into doing any Red Sox originals?

You're one of the first people I thought of!

Anonymous said...

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